How does the Cedars Sinai Connect App work?

Generating your results

When you begin a medical chat in the Cedars-Sinai Connect app, you first interact with an automated tool that provides clinically-proven information on your symptoms using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

This novel digital health solution checks your symptoms against anonymized data from hundreds of millions of patients and doctor visits. By processing this data intelligently, our free tool shows you how doctors diagnosed and treated people with similar symptoms as yours.

Our medical chat does not replace consulting with a clinician, and it cannot provide a definitive diagnosis or treatment recommendation. What it can do is empower you with free data-driven information personalized to you.

Ensuring the data is accurate

This technology is based on anonymized real-world data from over 400 million patient visits. Data used in the development of the tool includes patient visits recorded on the Mayo Clinic Platform as well as Maccabi Health Services (MHS), the second largest Health Maintenance Organization in Israel.

All medical information that powers the medical chat is reviewed by U.S. clinicians, including specialists in family medicine, pediatrics, emergency medicine, cardiology, and infectious diseases, and in accordance with accepted clinical guidelines. The technology has undergone extensive testing by both medical and machine learning experts and is reviewed on an ongoing basis to ensure the information provided is accurate.

For example, medical information accuracy is reviewed to assure it is in agreement with U.S. regulatory and medical guidelines, including those issued by the CDC and by leading medical associations such as the American Academy of Pediatrics, American Association of Family Physicians, Infectious Disease Society of America, and the American Heart Association. The algorithms and information in the app are continuously monitored, validated, and audited by a team of medical, data, and machine learning experts.

Keeping your data safe

We employ the “safe harbor method” for de-identification of data. Encrypted transportation is used for all data when it is transferred from the app to our servers, and the data is encrypted while it is stored in the database servers. 

Accounts and all personally identifiable information uploaded by users can be deleted upon request. For more information, please review our Privacy Policy.